Simson MSR FT

Simson MSR Fast Tack is a one-component, permanently elastic, modified silane polymer (SMP) based adhesive with high initial cohesion, excellent UV stability and resistance to freshwater and water. salt water.

Specifications Simson MSR FT

– Strong initial cohesion (internal cohesion). Less or no clamping required

– Solvent and isocyanate free

– Very good resistance to UV and aging

– Good general adhesion without primer on

many substrates, ex. ceramic coated glass,


– Elasticity at a temperature between -40 ° C and + 100 ° C.

– Neutral, odorless

– Compatible with most industrial paints or coating systems, (Due to a large number of different types of industrial paints, it is recommended to perform a paint compatibility test)

Simson MSR FT

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