Yachting Mare Nostrum SP – Jotun

Self-polishing antifouling based on a unique binder system, providing effective active anti-fouling protection. Suitable for all types of boats and sailing conditions. For aluminum hulls, recommended in white and gray without copper oxide.

Specifications Yachting Mare Nostrum SP – Jotun

Tint: White, Red, Black, Dark Blue.

Number of layers: 2 layers for 9 months between 2


Application: Brush, roller, gun

Yield: 10 m./L

Drying time: dry to touch 3 H dry for

immersion: 12 H

Box Volume: 0.75 L and 2.5 L

Primary: Antipest or Vinyl Primer

Thinner: Jotun Thinner N ° 7

Yachting Mare Nostrum SP – Jotun

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